Date: 4th July 2014 at 9:15pm
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With the move of Aaron Cresswell from Ipswich Town to West Ham United, and a reported fee of £3.75m potentially rising to £7m, chief executive Jeremy Butler has said that some of that fee that we receive via a 20% sell on clause in the original transfer, will be used to bolster the playing budget.

The 24 year old moved to Portman Road from us back in 2011, and we held a 20% sell on clause, so are in line for a very nice financial bonus, especially given our relegation last season and Butler making no secret of the fact that money is tight following the drop, he’s also promised that not only will some of the funds help the clubs liquidity, but it will also be used for the playing budget – however he explained nobody should get too carried away because our 20% share of this deal will not arrive in one lump sum.

‘It’s good news for us and great news for Aaron and it shows we keep developing youngsters and they keep progressing and they are playing Premier League football. It’s great news but obviously for Tranmere fans it means that some money is coming into the club. It’s not as simple as it seems, though. As with most transfers the deal that West Ham have struck with Ipswich means that those payments come over a period of time.’

Butler says that there isn’t one big lump sum that comes to us via the sell on clause, because the arrangement we have is that we will receive a share of payments as they arrive at Ipswich from Cresswell’s new club – so as they will be staggered payments, so will the benefit to us.

‘We don’t receive one big fantastic lump sum but we do have some money coming from the initial payment and we are going to put some of that to Rob and help with team building. The good news is that we have some small additional funds for Rob to play with.’

Obviously with the bulk of the deal for Cresswell coming it seems from additional clauses itself, I’m not sure if we benefit from those, although I would expect me might, but 20% of the reported £3.75m is a very tidy sum for us, but I believe transfer fees can be spread over the length of a players’ contract, and with Cresswell signing a five year deal, it’s very conceivable that our share of the initial sum will also take five years to be paid in full which isn’t ideal, but at least it can be planned and budgeted for.