Date: 17th March 2014 at 9:45pm
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Chairman Peter Johnson has given a brief up date on the potential sale of the club by informing fans that he believes he has found the right person to become the new custodian of Tranmere Rovers.

Later tonight on BBC Late Kick Off the chairman will explain that he feels he will be ready to make an announcement in the coming few weeks and that he is ‘quite confident’ that a deal will be completed with this so far unnamed individual.

‘It’s very important we find the right people. I’ve had to find someone who loves the club and that the fans can trust and I think I’ve done that now. We expect to make an announcement fairly soon, within a couple of weeks I would think.’

Johnson goes on to say that the new potential owner is slightly younger than he is, but they have money and he remains fully satisfied that they have the clubs’ best interests at heart and that fans will be able to get on board and trust them.

A clip from the interview is available by clicking here and the full interview will be aired on the programme which begins at 11.20pm tonight on BBC.