Date: 25th February 2014 at 4:21pm
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Potential new owner Michael Wilde has withdrawn his offer for the club as he and chairman Peter Johnson couldn’t find a complete agreement for a sale to go ahead.

Wilde has apparently been in discussions to buy the club for the last six months and despite finding agreement on a number of issues, the two parties remained apart in other areas.

Wilde has clarified things in an interview with the BBC, and explained that he had hoped to install former Chelsea defender Albert Ferrer as our head coach if his bid had been successful.

‘Following recent speculation in the media I feel now is the right time to clarify the situation. Alongside my excellent bid team, which included Jeremy Butler and Albert Ferrer, I have worked extremely hard over the past six months trying to negotiate a deal. I had exciting plans in place, unfortunately, however, and despite agreement in respect of many areas, we have been unable to conclude a final agreement.’

Wilde goes on to say that with that reality he has considered things, and decided that the best course of action now is to remove himself from the bidding process and as a fan to simply wish Tranmere the very best for the future.