Date: 13th December 2009 at 1:25am
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Our FA Cup Third Round game at Prenton Park with Wolves has been moved from Saturday 2nd January 2010, 3pm kick-off to Sunday 3rd January 2010 with a 6.15pm kick-off. This is because the game will be broadcast live on the FA website. Both teams will receive £72,000 as a result. The game will follow the draw for the Fourth Round of the FA Cup.

Personally I think that this decision has got it’s pro’s and con’s.

On one hand, we’ll get a fair bit of money [£72k] from the FA for having the game broadcast; although the timing is poor. 6.15 on a Sunday – what’s that all about?! It’s quite possibly the most ridiculous time for a football match to kick-off.

It also means we’ll know who we could play in the next round and could add a fair few numbers onto the gate if there’s the possibility of a huge game for us in Round Four. However, if it’s a drab draw then not many will want to come down and cheer us on.

We could also get in plastic Liverpool and Everton fans as both sides play on the Saturday which, again, could possibly add a few more numbers to the attendance.

It’s unfortunate for the Wolves fans, some of whom will now not be attending the game but it could open a window of opportunity for Wolves fans who couldn’t go on the Saturday to instead come on the Sunday.

Not sure whether the Wirral public will want to leave their Sunday roasts to come down to what will be a freezing cold Prenton Park but hopefully they will. I’ll be there anyway!